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Главная \ Единый Портал Обучения \ Корпоративное обучение \ Oracle \ (R12xOPM) R12.x Oracle HRMS Performance Management Fundamentals

(R12xOPM) R12.x Oracle HRMS Performance Management Fundamentals

Код курса: R12xOPM
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60 180 р.
Дни2 дня
Дата курса
Формат обученияКорпоративный


Описание курса:

What you will learn

This course offers an introduction to the functionality and use of Oracle HRMS Performance Management. Participants familiarize themselves with the application, and learn how to perform performance management tasks using the Oracle HRMS Performance Management functions. Participants learn to create competencies and worker competency profiles, and define competency requirements for the enterprise.

Participants learn how to configure and conduct appraisals and assess competencies and objectives during an appraisal. They also learn how to establish a workforce performance management (WPM) system with the incorporation of the objectives library and performance management plans (PMP). Participants familiarize themselves with the PMP tasks that the application generates, to guide managers and workers through the performance management process.

Цель курса:


  • Create competencies and competency profiles
  • Define competency requirements for business groups, organizations, and jobs
  • Record worker qualifications
  • Configure appraisals using appraisal and assessment templates and conduct appraisals
  • Assess competencies and objectives during appraisals
  • Create objectives in the Objectives Library
  • Create performance management plans to manage workforce performance
  • Use performance management tasks to set objectives and manage appraisals in a performance management plan


Аудитория курса:


  • Business Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • End Users
  • Functional Implementer
  • Project Manager
  • Reports Developer
  • Sales Consultants
  • Support Engineer

Программа курса:

Performance Management Overview
Performance Management in Oracle HRMS. Competency Management. Education and Qualifications. Appraisals Management. The Objectives Library. Workforce Performance Management. Performance Management Plans. Reporting in Performance Management.

Competency Scope. Measuring Competencies. Measuring Competencies Using General Proficiency Rating Scales. Unit Standard Competencies. Rating Scales. Competency Types. Uploading Third-Party Competemcies.

Competency Profiles, Competency Requirements, and Qualifications
Competency Profiles. Competency Requirements. Suitability Matching. Qualifications.

Workforce Performance Management (WPM). The Objective Definition. Measuring Objectives. The Objective Library. Creating Objectives. Updating Objectives. Objectives Outside WPM.

Appraisal and Assessment Templates
Planning the Appraisal Process. Questionnaires. Competency Templates. Assessing Competencies and Objectives. Assessing Competencies Using Formulas. Objective Templates. Configuring the Appraisal. Career Paths.

Performance Management Plans
Creating the Performance Management Plan (PMP). Identifying the PMP Members. Specifying the PMP Process. Reviewing and Publishing the PMP. Allocating Objectives Automatically. PMP Status Values. Updating the PMP. Changing the Objective-Setting Deadline.

Performance Management Tasks
Worker Objective-Setting Tasks. Manager Objective-Setting Tasks. Parallel and Cascading Processes. Cascading Objectives. Sharing, Aligning, and Tracking Objectives. Populating Personal Scorecards. Personal Scorecards in Appraisals. Manage Appraisal Tasks.

Oracle HRMS Appraisals Function. Appraisal Participants. Appraisal Types. Initiating the Appraisal. Ownership of the Appraisal. Changing the Main Appraiser. Appraisal Approval and Completion. Using the Offline Appraisals feature.

Performance Management Administrator’s Tasks
Monitoring Published Performance Management Plans. Enrolling Workers into Published Plans. Refreshing, Removing, and Reopening Worker Scorecards. Rolling Back Performance Management Plans. Sending Mass Notifications. Viewing Summary and Error Reports. Viewing Performance Management Plan Appraisal Rating Summary.

Performance Management Fundamentals Summary

Дни2 дня
Дата курса05.авг / 09.дек
ГородВсе города
Формат обученияКорпоративный
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