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(CBVPPW) Cisco Business Value Practitioner Specialist Power Workshop

Код курса: CBVPPW
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369 900 р.
ПроизводительCisco Systems
Дни5 дней
Дата курса

Course Overview

This Power Workshop includes three vouchers for all of the Cisco Business Value Specialist and Cisco Business Value Practitioner Specialist exams:

810-403 OUTCOMES
820-424 BTASBVA
840-425 BTEABVD

Кому следует посетить

Cisco Sales professionals that engage in customer conversations designed to pinpoint a strategic view of customer needs, lead stakeholders to consensus decisions, and produce cross-architectural roadmaps.

Предварительные требования

No Prerequisites

Цели курса

This Cisco Business Value Practitioner Specialist Power Workshop combines the content of the three single Cisco courses Cisco Selling Business Outcomes (OUTCOMES), Applying Cisco Specialized Business Value Analysis Skills (BTASBVA) and Executing Cisco Advanced Business Value Analysis and Design Techniques (BTEABVD) and prepares the student for the Cisco Business Value Specialist and Cisco Business Value Practitioner Specialist certification.

After completing this Power Workshop, you will be able to:

  • Explain the tenets, principles, and approach to business outcomes sales
  • Articulate the customer environment for purchasing and adopting technology solutions
  • Describe opportunities for sales revenue and customer impact across industry verticals
  • Discuss critical success factors and key performance indicators for business outcomes sales
  • Identify key customer decision makers, influencers, and expectations
  • Explain the financial drivers that impact business outcomes sales
  • Prepare a customer focused action plan and business outcomes story
  • Apply research and customer information to prepare an outcome-based selling strategy
  • Apply Cisco business outcome selling approach from market awareness to solution tracking
  • Interpret a customer business context
  • Determine desired customer outcomes
  • Determine a baseline for measuring improvements
  • Outline a plan for managing IT and Line of Business (LoB) stakeholders across various Cisco sales paths
  • Demonstrate how KPIs and outcome metrics show in financials across two year Cisco Services consumption
  • Prepare an implementation strategy and roadmap for outcome-based selling that involves services, network technology, and industry-focused analytics
  • Explain how a structured communications planning approach enables improved results from complex outcomes-based selling interactions
  • Assess diverse industry and account information by compiling key insights and transforming them into a description of the customer context for outcomes-based selling
  • Describe the challenges and opportunities related to using consultative approaches in selling solutions and services to large enterprise customers
  • Illustrate tactics to manage stakeholder power and interest across the IT sales and consumption cycles
  • Apply the Cisco 9-Step Sales Approach to achieve a customer agreement for acquiring and adopting solutions and services that suppors their business outcomes
  • Demonstrate how a structured solution catalog can enable several types of outcome-based revenue
  • Compose an outcome-based selling proposal that addresses the customers business and financial metrics
  • Formulate a plan to capture and report on results from solutions that enable outcomes
  • Compare and contrast the proposed outcomes targets with actual adoption and implementation results
  • Assemble the key elements of an organizational change and adoption strategy to help define the expected benefits from a suite of solutions and services
Дни5 дней
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