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(OIG12cE) Oracle Identity Governance 12c: Essentials

Код курса: OIG12cE
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Дата курса
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Описание курса

In this course, you learn essential concepts about implementing identity management solutions with Oracle Identity Governance.

After, you learn of the importance, benefits, values, terminology, and functional aspects of identity management. Then, you learn about the Identity Governance infrastructure and the suite of Oracle Identity Management products. Next, you learn about the relationship that Oracle Identity Governance has with several Oracle Identity Management products (including Oracle Identity Analytics and Oracle Privileged Account Manager, which, along with Oracle Identity Governance, compose the Oracle Identity Governance Suite). Then, after you learn about the tiers of the Oracle Identity Governance architecture, you learn how to launch Oracle Identity Governance.


  • A general comprehension of Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Database
  • A high-level understanding of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), BPEL, and JDeveloper


Цель курса:


  • How to provision users to resources through request-level and operation-level approval workflows
  • How to provision users to disconnected resources
  • Two types of reconciliation workflows: authoritative reconciliation and account reconciliation
  • The need for certification and how to configure, create, and complete certification activities
  • How to manage authorization policies in Oracle Identity Governance
  • The purpose of predefined Oracle Identity Governance connectors, including advantages, best practices, and real-world scenarios for using these connectors
  • How to onboard applications using application templates
  • Manual and automated provisioning workflows, including how to implement these workflows to create user accounts in external resources manually and automatically
  • The importance, benefits, terminology, values, terminology, and functional aspects of identity management
  • The Identity Governance infrastructure and the suite of Oracle Identity Management products
  • The relationship that Oracle Identity Governance has with several Oracle Identity Management products
  • The tiers of the Oracle Identity Governance architecture
  • How to launch Oracle Identity Governance
  • How to launch Oracle Identity Governance
  • How to use the Bulk Load Utility to load users, role categories, and roles into Oracle Identity Governance
  • How to customize and save searches


Аудитория курса:


  • Administrator
  • Business Analysts
  • Developer
  • End Users
  • Functional Implementer
  • Sales Consultants
  • Support Engineer
  • Technical Administrator

Программа курса

Introducing Oracle Identity Governance 12c
Product Overview. Managing Users, User Entities, and Resources. Handling Reconciliation Workflows. Managing Security, Reports, and Tools. Deploying Configurations. Integrating Oracle Identity Manager. 

Understanding Identity Management and Identity Governance
Identity Management. Identity Governance. Oracle Identity Management Products. Oracle Identity Manager Architecture. Oracle Identity Manager Offerings. 

Launching Oracle Identity Manager
Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Identity Governance Server, and Oracle SOA Server Overview and comparison. Oracle Identity Governance Interfaces. Oracle SOA Interfaces. 

Understanding Organizations, Roles, and Users
Oracle Identity Governance Users. Identity Governance Organizations, Roles, and Entity Relationships. Bulk Load Utility. Customizing and Saving Searches. 

Onboarding Applications
Oracle Identity Governance Connectors. Using Oracle Identity Governance Connectors: Setup. Application Templates. Bulk Loading Applications using Application Templates.

Understanding Application Instances
Application Instances. 

Using the Access Request Catalog
Access Request Catalog. Managing the Access Request Catalog. 

Understanding Policy-Based Provisioning
Resources: Overview. Assigning Resources: Overview. Provisioning Resources: Overview. 

Understanding Advanced Request Functionality
Understanding Requests. Understanding SOA Composites. Understanding Approval Policies. 

Understanding Application Instances for Disconnected Resources
Application Instances. Disconnected Resources. 

Understanding Reconciliation
Reconciliation and Provisioning Reconciliation and Provisioning. Authoritative and Account Reconciliation. Access Policy Harvesting. 

Understanding Oracle Identity Governance Security
Comparing Authorization and Authentication. Understanding Authorization Policies and Administrative Roles. 

Managing Reports
Types of Reports. Configuring Oracle BI Publisher. Creating Reports. 

Understanding Identity Auditor
Introducing Certification. Certification Best Practices. Certification Concepts. Configuring Certifications. Managing Certification Definitions. Understanding Risk Summaries. Understanding Closed-Loop Remediation. Creating Certification Reports.

Understanding Identity Audit (IDA)
Segregation of Duties (SoD): Overview. SoD: Best Practices. SoD: Workflows. SoD: Components. SoD: Authorization. SoD: Analytics. SoD: Role Audits. SoD: Role Approvals. 

Transferring Oracle Identity Manager Configurations
Deployment Manager Overview. Sandbox Overview.

Customizing Oracle Identity Manager
Oracle Identity Manager Interfaces. Customizing an Interface. 

Integrating the Oracle Identity Governance Suite
Oracle Identity Governance Suite. Integrating the Oracle Identity Governance Suite.

Дни5 дней
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Формат обученияКорпоративный
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