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(OREE) Oracle R Enterprise Essentials

Код курса: OREE
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44 700 р.
Дни2 дня
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Описание курса

What you will learn

This Oracle R Enterprise Essentials training will teach you how to leverage the Oracle Database as a high performance computing platform from the powerful R statistical programming language and environment. Overcome the memory limitations of the open source client R engine. Prepare data, perform statistical analysis, and build predictive models on Big Data data sets that are generally impossible with open source R. Generate graphics and invoke R scripts from SQL for integration with the Oracle stack!

Learn To:

  • Start up R, load ORE, and connect to Oracle Database.
  • Use common constructs of the R language.
  • Use the ORE Transparency Layer.
  • Use ORE for embedded R execution.
  • Use ORE predictive analytics packages.
  • Use ROracle.

    Benefits To You

    By taking this course, you will get a chance to manipulate database data using the R language. You will develop the knowledge and skills to use Oracle Database for predictive analysis using R. Leverage the database server machine for executing R scripts from SQL and R, both individually and in a data-parallel and task-parallel manner.

    More Information 

    Oracle has adopted R as a language and environment to support statisticians, data analysts, and data scientists in performing statistical data analysis and advanced analytics, as well as generating sophisticated graphics. Oracle R Enterprise (ORE) is a component of the Oracle Database Advanced Analytics Option. ORE makes the open source R statistical programming language and environment ready for the enterprise and big data.

    Related Training

    Required Prerequisites 
    Experience with statistics or R programming experience

    Suggested Prerequisites
  • Oracle Database 11g: Data Mining Techniques


Цель курса:


  • Start up R, load ORE, and connect to Oracle Database
  • Apply R Language Basics
  • Use the ORE Transparency Layer
  • Use ORE for embedded R execution
  • Use ORE predictive analytics packages
  • Interact directly with Oracle Database objects using ROracle


Аудитория курса:


  • Data Scientist
  • Statistician

Программа курса:

Introducing Oracle R Enterprise
Using R: What, Who, and Why? R User Interfaces. Oracle’s Strategy for R.

Getting Started with ORE
Prerequisites for Using ORE. Starting R and Loading ORE. Basic Database Interaction with ORE.

Introducing the R Language and Environment
Accessing R Help. R language basics. Debugging with R.

Producing Graphs in R and ORE
R Graph Types. R Graphics Packages. Overloaded Functions for ORE.

Using the ORE Transparency Layer - Part 1
Introducing the Transparency Layer. Working with Oracle Database. ORE Packages, Classes, and Functions. Common Data Transformations and Data Type Mapping.

Using the ORE Transparency Layer - Part 2
Object Persistence. Ordering Framework. In-database Sampling and Random Partitioning. Case Study Examination.

ORE Embedded R Execution - R Interface
Rationale for Embedded R Execution. Embedded R Execution. Connecting to Databases from an Embedded R Function. Generating Graphs within an Embedded R Function. 

ORE Embedded R Execution - SQL Interface
Embedded R Execution. Using R Scripts in the Database Repository. Generating Output Using rq*Eval Functions. Parallel Execution for Embedded R Scripts.

Using ORE Predictive Analytics - Part 1
Using Functions in the OREdm Package. Using Functions in the OREmodels Package.

Using ORE Predictive Analytics - Part 2
Scoring data within R models in the database. Preparing Time Series Data. Exponential Smoothing for Time Series Data Predictions. 

Using ROracle for Direct Database Access
What is ROracle? Authentication. Table Access Methods. Query Execution. Rollback. 

Дни2 дня
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Формат обученияКорпоративный
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