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(PyBD) Processing Your Big Data with Oracle

Код курса: PyBD
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22 350 р.
Дни1 день
Дата курса
Формат обученияКорпоративный


Описание курса

What you will learn

This course provides an overview of big data, the technologies used to process it, and the role of Oracle Big Data in handling it. Students learn how to acquire raw data from a variety of sources, and how to use Oracle NoSQL Database and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) to store the data. The session also covers how to use Oracle Big Data Connectors to move data to and from Oracle Exadata and organize it using external tables and data pumps. The course includes how to use Oracle Application Adapters for Data Integration to integrate big data with other external data sources. Students explore the wide range of analysis options available in Oracle Advanced Analytics and Oracle R Enterprise and learn how to choose the best analytic tool based on a given scenario.

Дни1 день
Дата курсаПо запросу
ГородВсе города
Формат обученияКорпоративный
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