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(R12xOIF) R12.x Oracle HRMS iRecruitment Fundamentals

Код курса: R12xOIF
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60 180 р.
Дни2 дня
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Описание курса:

What you will learn

Oracle iRecruitment is a full-cycle solution that gives managers, recruiters and candidates the ability to manage every phase of finding, recruiting, hiring, and tracking new employees. This course provides an overview of iRecruitment processes and the implementation steps required to perform a basic, non-customized implementation. As managers or recruiters, site visitors, registered users, employees, and agency users you learn how to use and work with iRecruitment features. You learn how to personalize iRecruitment pages to suit your business requirements. The topics in this course show you how to generate recruitment letters and reports to analyze your recruitment process. You will also learn how to remove the candidate and applicant data that you no longer require.

This course will be applicable for customers who have implemented Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 or Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.

Learn To:

  • Perform the setup, functional, and post install steps
  • Learn how to configure iRecruitment pages
  • Learn to create assessments for recruitment purposes
  • Use and work with iRecruitment functions
  • Generate letters for recruitment and analyze reportsIdentify key features in iRecruitment


Цель курса:


  • Progress applications and manage offers to applicants
  • Generate recruitment letters and reports for analysis
  • Identify the benefits of using iRecruitment
  • Identify different types of iRecruitment users
  • Understand how iRecruitment security works
  • Perform the setup, functional, and post install steps
  • Understand the Recruitment cycle and where iRecruitment fits into it
  • Understand approval rules in iRecruitment
  • Configure iRecruitment site to suit business requirements
  • Create assessments for registration and job application processes
  • Create common job descriptions
  • Create and manage vacancies in iRecruitment
  • Use the site visitor functionality
  • Register in iRecruitment and use registered user functionality
  • Apply for jobs and complete job application test
  • Process candidates


Аудитория курса:


  • End Users
  • Functional Implementer
  • Sales Consultants
  • Support Engineer
  • Technical Consultant

Программа курса:

Overview of Oracle iRecruitment
Identifying iRecruitment features. Learning about the benefits of iRecruitment. Describing different iRecruitment Users. Explaining how iRecruitment security works. Understanding the concept of People in iRecruitment. Understanding the Approval process in iRecruitment. Discussing how iRecruitment fits in with Oracle HRMS and HRMSi.

Implement Oracle iRecruitment
Understanding implementation cycle for iRecruitment. Setting up work structures details to work with iRecruitment. Creating Recruiting Site information. Setting base URL profile options. Adding iRecruitment menus to required users. Setting up offers and assessments. Configure approvals. Completing Post Install steps.

Configuring iRecruitment Pages
Understanding Personalization Levels in iRecruitment. Enabling Profile Options for Personalization. Learning about personalization components. Changing and Displaying Fields in iRecruitment Pages. Adding or Editing User Instructions. Creating and Displaying Flexfield Segments. Configuring a Searchable Flexfield.

Managers and Recruiters: Assessments
Understanding assessments. Learning about assessment components. Creating tests and surveys for the registration and job application processes. Analyzing test results. 

Managers and Recruiters: Vacancies and Job Posting
Learning about vacancy and vacancy status concepts. Creating default posting values for vacancies. Creating Vacancy details. Approving Vacancies. Posting Vacancies to multiple Recruiting Sites. Managing Vacancies.

Job Seekers: Site Visitors and Registered Users
Using Site Visitor functionality. Searching for jobs using different search options. Registering in iRecruitment. Creating user account details include a resume online. Defining privacy for user accounts. Applying for jobs and completing tests online. Monitoring job applications.

Managers and Recruiters: Candidate Processing
Learning about different search options in iRecruitment. Searching the Prospect Pool, Resumes, and Individuals. Using different search criteria such as location search and agency search. Finding Candidates using the Skills Matching Functionality. Processing Candidates and using different options. Inviting candidates to apply for jobs. 

Managing Communications
Understanding iRecruitment Communication. Creating Topics and Adding Messages for Recruitment Communication. Managing Communication for Multiple Applicants. Recording interviews—discuss how using iRecruitment Employee Interview function, employees can update interview records.

Managing Interview Tasks
Creating Interviews for Multiple Applicants. Viewing Interview Details. 

Managers and Recruiters: Working with Applicants
Viewing Applicants' details. Progressing Applications. Updating Applications. Creating offers for applicants. Approving offers. Sending offers to applicants. Managing offers. Hiring Successful Applicants using People Management Template and Oracle SSHR.

Using Employee Interface
iRecruitment for Employees. Managing Employee Referrals. Using the iRecruitment Employee Candidate Home Page. Providing cross-references to interview tasks explained in the Managing interviews module. 

Agency Users - Working with iRecruitment
Understanding an agency user's tasks. Searching for vacancies. Searching for candidates. Creating details of candidates. Applying for jobs on behalf of candidates. Searching for applicants. Progressing applications.

Generate Letters, Reports, and Perform Purge
Defining Standard letters for Web ADI and Oracle HRMS. Generating recruitment letters using Web ADI. Generating Performance Management Viewer (PMV) reports. Purging Candidate and Applicant Data. 

Дни2 дня
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Формат обученияКорпоративный
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